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Why Does My MacBook Sound Like A Jet Engine? 9 Easy Methods To Fix It

Why Does My MacBook Sound Like A Jet Engine?|

Most people love to use MacBook because of its astonishing features like easy work, playing big games, and being creative. It is packed with many apps, easy setup, and regular free updates, and it runs smoothly to enjoy your work. But sometimes Macbook users feel a sound like a jet engine while working, which makes them worried and irritated. So it is essential to know the reasons why does my MacBook sound like a jet engine and how to fix it.

Why Does My MacBook Sound Like A Jet Engine

Why does my mac sound like an airplane? It is a common problem for many MacBook users. Let’s discuss the issues and how to fix them in detail.

Reason Why Does My MacBook Sound Like A Jet Engine?

Every Macbook has a cooling fan, and most of the time, Macbooks overheat due to an overload of work, or there is some blockage in fan vents, or the fan is not working correctly. There may be any one reason for it, but it is necessary to know all the possible reasons in detail so that it is fixed quickly. The main reasons ‘why is my mac fan so loud’ are as follows:

Vent Blockage

An overheating MacBook isn’t cool, and the fan is essential for Mac to push warm air out and send fresh air in to keep it cool and safe from overheating. If, in any case, vents are blocked, the mac becomes getting hotter that speeding up the fan. This mostly happens because many use Macbooks on cushions, beds, sofas, or other soft things that overheat Macbooks and vent blockage. Sometimes dust particles or some other debris get stuck in the vent and block it over the heat of the Macbook.

Room Temperature

If there is a problem with fans, environmental factors may also be the cause, just as on a hot day when there is no air conditioning in the room and the room is filled with heat. In that room, the temperature affects the performance of the mac. The ideal temperature of the room is between 50-95 Fahrenheit (10 to 35 degrees Celsius) for a Macbook to work correctly without getting hotter; otherwise, you have to move to another room. It is challenging for you to cool down your fan of mac if the room temperature is high and you are using intensive software.

High CPU usage

High CPU usage is also another cause of overheating of the fan and produces a jerky sound. When the mac processor is under high load, it will heat up and cause problems. Stop some of the processes to avoid overheating and overloading the processor. 

Hardware problem

Sometimes faulty components also cause the fan to sound like a jet engine. There are heat sensors in mac that sense and tell the fans to spin faster, and if there is a fault in these sensors, fans spin faster and louder and give weird sounds. In that case, you have to find the source of the issue so that you will be able to fix the problem.

How To Fix The Problem – 9 Easy Methods To Resolve The Noise Issue

Every problem comes with a solution, and above, we discussed the issues in detail so we could easily find the answer to the problem. The solutions to these noise problems are as follows:

1: Clean the dust

Cooling fans in mac on one side push fresh air; on the other side, it draws dust in the vents as well, which causes problems with the component, especially the motherboard. So cleaning dust is essential to keep mac safe, and the most common way to clean dust is to take a can of compressed air and blast the dust out.

2: Apple hardware test

Hardware test is done by Apple diagnostic on your mac; first disconnect all the external devices leaving the keyboard, mouse, display, and speakers, and follow the steps discussed below. To know why the macbook pro sounds like a jet engine

Mac with Apple silicon

Start your mac and press the hold and power buttons until the start-up window appears. Then press command D to run the diagnostic bar. The diagnostic will run automatically and diagnose a list of problems after completion. 

Intel-based Mac 

Start up your mac and press and hold the D key until the diagnostic turns on. Release the key when the bar appears on the screen, and you have to select a language and then proceed. Run the process, and a list of problems appears on the screen.

Stop processes with macOS activity monitor

To stop processes go to applications and then utility, where you get the activity center. From here, open the CPU tab and click on it to sort the highest first. A bar appears with ‘quiet,’ ‘force quiet,’ and ‘cancel option.’ Click on ‘quiet’ to stop processes.

CMS reset 

CMS (control management system) controls various components in your mac, like supply, power, light, and fans. It is necessary to reset CMS to avoid overheating, depending on the model of the Macbook you have.

MacBook with non-removable batteries

Unplug the power chord and open the start menu, and shut down. After shutdown, press the shift-control option present on the keyboard’s left side. Press the power button and hold the power button and all three keys for 10 seconds, then release all four. Press the power button again to switch it on again.

Latest Macbooks

Shut down your MacBook before proceeding to perform a SMC reset. Then, simultaneously press and hold the shift, control, and option keys for seven seconds. Next, turn on your MacBook and continue to hold all four keys for another seven seconds before releasing them. Finally, press the power button to start your MacBook back up. Keep in mind the device may turn on and off during the reset process.

Malware checking

Malware is also a cause of fans of mac continuously running and sounding louder. Excess load on the processor produces excess heat. In mac keeper, select antivirus and run a scan, and if you find any malware, select it and remove it to avoid overheating and to stop macbook sounds like a jet engine.

See the video to learn about why does my mac sound like a jet engine and how to fix it. 


I hope all points of why does my MacBook sound like a jet engine and how to fix it are clear in your mind. Now when you hear a sound while using a mac, it will be easy for you to easily get excess to the problem and escape the situation safely.

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