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Does Apple Give You Free AirPods? Apple AirPods 2nd Generation

Does Apple give you free AirPods||Does Apple give you free AirPods

Does Apple give you free AirPods? It is a common question that many other Apple product users and I ask. How would I know the procedure to get free iPods with Apple products and whether I am eligible for this offer? You can get answers to all these queries in detail below. 

Does Apple Give You Free Airpods?

Apple, a big multinational technology company, annually announces excellent discounts and freebies for its consumers. If you are an Apple product purchaser, it is essential to know if Apple gives you free AirPods on every purchase or if some specifications are required to get this deal. Let’s discuss in detail whether I qualified for this deal or not.

What Are Apple Airpods 2nd Generation?

Apple company is giving free Ipods only with MacBooks and iPad, and you can only get 2nd generation AirPods; that‘s why it is necessary to know the specifications of Apple AirPods second-generation. 

Apple Airpods 2nd generation is slightly better than the first generation due to some advanced features, including 3 hours of talk time battery life and five hours of music battery life. It has an H1 chipset and a 5.0 Bluetooth version. It includes a voice-activated and double-tap Siri connection and has a wireless charging case. Many customers love its noise-canceling quality and longer battery life because of their smart sensor tech that instantly starts music playing when you put it in your ear. It stops when you put it off, which is useful when you want to stop your chat.

See this video to learn how to use Apple Airpods Pro.

Does Apple Give You Free Airpods? 

Apple gives this exclusive deal of free Airpods to customers willing to buy Ipad and MacBooks.It is actually Apple’s education store where students buy discount Apple devices. This giveaway is specifically for eligible students and educators. 

You can qualify for the offer as a university student, parent of a student, or staff member at a university, school, or college. Pair of Airpods is available for $129, which is a cracking deal. But with this offer, you will get them free, which is impressive. 

These are second-generation Airpods and are very simple to use. Turn it on and connect it to your iPhone, apple watch, Ipad, and Mac after you can remove them from their charging case. 

If you want Apple AirPods third generation, then this is not a part of this offer, but you can purchase them separately. Apple AirPods 3rd generation’s cost is $169, a little bit higher than second generation AirPods. 

Does Apple give you free AirPods

Source: Apple AirPods 2nd Generation by Apple.com

How Do You Get Apple Free Airpods?

If you want to get these free AirPods, then it is necessary to know the procedure, and the process is as follows:

The procedure is that the eligible customer first adds a MacBook or an Ipad to the cart. Apple gives you the option of Airpods in order to add to your purchase. This option is shown during the checkout process; as discussed earlier, this offer is only shown to old and new customers, university students, parents of students, teachers, and staff of all levels. Remember you are required first to sign up and complete the enrolment verification process through a website named Unidays. This deal is available for both online and offline retail stores at Apple.

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In Which Countries Do You Get Apple Free Airpods?

If you buy MacBook and Ipad online, then this offer is available worldwide, but on the store, it is available in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Brazil.


I hope this query of ‘Does Apple give you free AirPods’ is cleared in your mind, and you have got all the information related to this topic in detail, whether it is the eligibility of the offer or countries where the offer is available or people who can avail this offer. 

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