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Is Nware 17in Laptop Best Laptop For College Students Under $500


The recent pandemic, COVID-19, has impacted everything, especially the education system and the student’s life. Online studies have raised the need for laptops and other electronic gadgets to take online classes, even though earlier students needed such devices to research topics and create assignments and presentations.

When it comes to laptops, there are some basic needs upon which the choice should be made, irrespective of whether you are a college student or a university student. These needs are

  • Good-performing processor
  • Sufficient storage
  • Good battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly

Let’s see if a Nware 17in laptop meets the abovementioned requirements. So, keep reading to know our verdict about Nware 17in laptop best laptop for college students under $500.

Best Laptop For College Students Under $500

Before going into a detailed discussion of why the Nware 17in laptop is the best, I want to share my own experience and the reason behind its purchase.

In the year 2020, I became a University student and was in dire need of a laptop that I could use for the purpose of studying, extensive research, assignments, and presentation. I had a notebook before, but its specs didn’t make it suitable for study.

It was a gaming laptop; initially, it had a good battery, but gradually, heavy usage drained its battery life over time. I needed a laptop that I could use for studying at home as well as in the library and the park. So good battery life and less weight were most important to me.

A laptop that won’t be a hassle during Google searches and offers plenty of storage so I can save my notes, presentations, and assignments would be my companion and work with me day and night.

As this was the beginning of my university, I needed a laptop that could perform well at a low price. So, I ended up choosing the nware 17in laptop, one of the finest and fast performing laptops that offer a high-resolution display with a large screen, a backlit keyboard, and extensive battery life. 

Best Laptop For College Students Under $500

I have already unveiled the name of the best laptop for students under $500, the nware 17in laptop. And finally, I’m going to discuss nware 17in laptop specs/features in detail so you can use them to help make a wise decision. 


When it comes to performance, nothing can compare to the capabilities of a 17-inch laptop from Nware. This nware laptop is equipped with an Intel Core i5 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of ROM, all of which are sufficient for day-to-day activities.

One of the primary draws of this compact computer is its massive screen. The 17-inch display is ideal for multitasking, whether you’re editing many documents at once or watching multiple shows on Netflix at once. The 1920×1080 IPS resolution of a full HD screen adds to the realism.

Keyboard & Touchpad

I am keen to check the keyboard and touchpad while choosing a laptop. As a student and a gamer, both are my dire needs, especially the backlit feature of the keyboard and responsive touchpad. 

Nware 17in laptop has clean and bright, perfectly spaced keys with a backlit feature so you can do your work in dim light without any issue. And when it comes to touchpads, you will see no lag in your action and laptop’s reaction on the screen. 

Web Camera & Microphone 

As a student, the web camera is the ultimate need, especially during online classes of Covid 19 years. Online presentations and classes need a high-quality web camera with high resolution that causes no hindrance in your studies. 

And for this purpose, no one can beat the performance of the nware 17-in laptop’s built-in web camera, whose wide-angle lens and high-resolution let you see the entire area with a clear picture. It gives a feeling that you are physically standing in that particular place. 

Similarly, the microphone is another essential feature you will need in addition to the web camera. Don’t worry; the nware 17in laptop offers a high-quality microphone that causes no interruption during calls or recording audio. 

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This laptop has a nware program that features a highly intuitive and straightforward user interface, which is why it is so popular. And this makes it simple for users of any level of expertise, even students, to become proficient with the program they are using quickly.

Your laptop’s overall speed may be significantly boosted by using the software’s built-in memory optimizer and registry cleaner, as well as the other useful tools that come standard with the application.


Not a single student like an overloaded bag, and so am I. My previous laptop was 6 lbs, so I didn’t even think about taking it with me to college. Here the nware 17in laptop comes as a savior. It is only 4 lbs, a thing that I need for my studies.

Battery Life 

As a student, long-battery gadgets are the ultimate need because we can’t say for sure when you might need them for your studies, outside or inside the house. And this laptop is a perfect match, depending upon this point. So, as per my experience, 8 to 12 hours of nware laptop’s battery is enough to make it a good companion for any student. 


Portability is a basic need when we talk about the features of the best laptop for a student. Nware 17in is lightweight and comes with 8 hours of extended battery life; it meets all student needs. At a coffee shop, in a park, or on a train, take your nware 17inch laptop to study without interruption. 


Student life is challenging for most people, and getting something that eats up hard-earned money in a gulp is not wise. So, to protect yourself from such a situation, choose nware 17in laptop, which costs you only $300 to $350. 

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Though the price is pretty affordable, the 2 years of warranty is nothing but the icing on the cake. It will further clarify the doubts of all people considering purchasing this particular laptop. Moreover, it also comes in three sizes, big, medium, and small. 

My Verdict

As per my experience, when it comes to buying the best laptop for college students under $500, nothing comes to mind except the nware 17in laptop. From excellent performance, this laptop is sleek and stylish in design; its black and white color simultaneously makes it look modern and classic. The backlit keyboard and long battery life make it perfect for studying in any circumstance. Due to its lightweight feature, portability is no more hassle for any student. 

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