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ifuntv is a blog website discussing vital topics which grasp the world and influence humans in one way or the other. From the core topics like business, finance, and technology to the fun topics like entertainment, ifuntv has merged everything we humans need.

By engaging a highly professional team of writers and editors, ifuntv aims for the best and most valuable. After thoroughly researching the events and queries, we select topics and write the most accurate and authentic content in the most easy-to-understand and engaging style.

What is ifun-tv.com

Starting as a hobby in early 2023 by a group of professional writers, ifuntv has outcompeted competitors proudly.

ifun-tv.com – a simple solution to all your problems, whether it be about your business or technology, tips for your social accounts, or info about your favorite personality. We will always be here to share knowledge with you, entertain you, and listen to you. 

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ifun-tv.com Process Of Research & Writing

Our research and writing process is lengthy just to make sure that our readers get authentic and up-to-date information about any topic. We compile information from various resources; professional writers are responsible for curating engaging content with responsibility, and last, the editors and chief editors review the content pieces. Thus, in this way, the masterpieces are presented on your illuminating screens.

Editorial Team


Lawrence Petrie

Lawrence Petrie, the visionary chief editor behind ifuntv, curates and delivers insightful content for global readers and leads our website’s content with finesse.


Lucas Aquilani

An esteemed editor of ifuntv, is a seasoned professional dedicated to curating engaging content. With a keen eye for diverse topics, he keeps readers informed and entertained, ensuring they stay up-to-date with every new minute


Ruth Aquilani

Ruth Aquilani, the passionate animal and bird professional writer of ifun-tv.com, immerses herself in the enchanting realms of wildlife, fueled by her insatiable love for reading and exploring nature’s fascinating creatures.


Jane Ansems

Meet Jane Ansems, a tech professional writer with an insatiable appetite for exploration, avid reading, seminar attendance, and daring tech experiments.


Jack Peters

A seasoned business and finance professional writer at ifun-tv.com delivers compelling insights to empower your financial success.


Lora Portilla

Lora Portilla, an entertainment and media professional writer, passionately immerses herself in the diverse entertainment world, channeling her deep love into captivating narratives.


Anna Phillips

Anna Phillips, a passionate professional writer for ifun-tv.com. With a fervent curiosity for everything, she explores and shares fascinating facts with an unwavering desire to enlighten and engage.


Roland Walker

Roland Walker, a passionate professional writer, thrives on exploring products and brands, transforming his genuine fascination into captivating reviews.

What We Are Offering

ifun-tv.com is a blog website writing every topic about which people are curious and search for answers. Our broader category selection is not only based on what people want to read, as everyone knows that if a writer isn't passionate about something, he doesn't catch the reader's mind and heart. So our writers' team is passionate about different topics, so we have started writing about various niches.

The categories we have are

  • Entertainment
  • Celebrities
  • Media
  • Sports
  • Reviews
  • Brands
  • Animals & Birds
  • IT
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Science
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