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What Is A Big Deal About AirPods 2023? 4 Reasons To Buy AirPods

What Is A Big Deal About AirPods?||What Is A Big Deal About AirPods?

Apple Airpods are popular among every generation nowadays, especially among the young generation, due to their splendid features and increasing popularity. The list of people is growing on a daily basis, who want to purchase these Airpods, so it is necessary to know what is a big deal about Aipods in detail. This post is specifically focused on this topic to solve the query.

What is a big deal about AirPods?

Apple Airpods free people’s life from clutter; these wireless gadgets are stable and faster and best for listening and making phone calls. If you want to get a deep understanding of what is a big deal about AirPods? Are AirPods pro worth it? Then you get a detailed answer below.

Apple Airpods 

Apple AirPods Pro is one of the latest hot trends due to its exceptional features and extraordinary popularity among the young generation. These latest Airpods are small and more expensive than any ordinary earbuds, but people love to buy this tiny magic sound box. 

Reason to buy Airpods 

You are astonished when you see someone dancing on beats, but you cannot find any device near that person. Be patient; it is none other than a small white object in their ear named an Airpods that instantly connects to your phone and stops the sound when you take one of the pods out of the ear. Everyone almost loves it because of some obvious reasons, and we are here to discuss these reasons in detail to tell us ‘what is a big deal about Airpods.’

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Battery life

When it comes to battery life, people who use the latest AirPods pro are lucky enough, and there is no need to worry. Because these small white objects are always fully charged, you can get hours and hours of playback through Airpods 2. 

If you are an everyday music listener, you must charge both the Airpods pro and the case every 2 to 3 days. Case charging is done by the same lighting cable used for iPhones. But if, in any case, you don’t want to charge the case with cable, then you have an extraordinary wireless charging case for Airpods. 

Its case also has a battery, and you can charge it inside the case and enjoy listening to your favorite tracks for 24 hours with full battery life and exceptional charging.

Apple Device Integration

It is automatically compatible with all Apple devices and has Bluetooth pairing with only one tap. I have experienced this many times as I place my AirPods 2 near my Ipad; it instantly reacts and shows device connectivity. 

It is always ready to use not only with Ipad but also with iPhones, MacBooks, and Apple watches. You can listen to music and attend online meetings and podcasts between devices by automatic switching. 

It automatically pauses when you take pods out of the ear and resume when you again put it in the ear. These AirPods take all the fears you have with your Bluetooth devices and make you comfortable without bothering about manual pairing and connection issues.

What Is A Big Deal About AirPods?

Portable and wireless

It is an exceptional technology packed in a small product that is of the same size as the wired earphones Apple gave with the iPhone in the old days. It is a tiny product with excellent sound, and these Airpds are one size that fits all situations. 

It fits into the ear easily and comfortably, and you can take it anywhere because it is portable. Starting price is approx. $249.95, but the AirPods pro price varies based on features, technology, and popularity.

Apple voice assistant 

AirPods has another unique feature integrated with all Apple devices: hands-free Siri. It helps to perform different tasks wirelessly by asking Siri, which is also known as Apple voice assistant. Another feature added to the second generation is a chip known as the H1 chip. 

Siri makes many things easy for you, just like you are out for a morning walk and want to change the music track or the album, just ask Siri, and you get what you want. 

You can also send a text message to your friend by saying, Hey Siri, tell your particular friend’s name and ask Siri to send the message. You can also get reminders from Siri of important work if you previously asked Siri to make you remind about it. These AirPods have the unique feature of picking voice without messing with external noise. Even in the wind, they can capture your voice and fulfill whatever you say to Siri. 

Watch this video; it will help you to understand why you should buy an Apple AirPods.


After learning the unique features of Airpods, I hope you get the answer to what is a big deal about Airpods. Moreover, I hope that you will never regret buying them sooner. It is highly recommended because of its extraordinary features, except it is a little pricey. 

AirPods are almost for every situation. Apple company designed them so you can use them for every situation, like listening to music while walking, attending online meetings, doing gym workouts, and much more. 

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