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Jazz Hourly Call Packages – All 9 Call Packages Useful Detail

Jazz hourly call packages||Jazz hourly call packages

Pakistan is a country where people use mobile more than anywhere else. For better use, a person needs some good and secure connections. For this purpose, certain companies are working in Pakistan, like Ufone Telenor. But Jazz is one of the top leading and most famous companies in Pakistan compared to others. Every year thousands of people enjoy using the services of this company. They offer a lot of services and packages to their customers, but in this post, I’m going to share Jazz hourly call packages. So, let’s discuss. 

Jazz Hourly Call Packages

Before discussing the Jazz hourly call packages, I’m giving a chunk of information about Jazz to those unfamiliar with this company.

Jazz, A Leading Telecommunication Company

Jazz is a famous and leading telecommunication company. The native name of this company is Jazz, but formerly people used its name combined with Mobilink. It was introduced back in 1994 by a group named saif and Motorola Inc as per joint venture. The company’s office is based in the capital (Islamabad) of the country. 

Amer Hafeez Ibrahim, the CEO of this firm, runs it here and connects with other world cities. According to an estimate, this company was doing business of RS 60 billion, equal to 260.28 US Dollars in 2021-2022. 

There are two products in which this company deals the more, Mobile banking and mobile telephony. On the other hand, it provides its customers with the best 4g connection, and recently they have taken out a successful experiment on 5g. 

From this experiment, it reaches up to an unbelievable speed of 1.5gbps with a secure connection. Jazz is famous for making contracts with some famous groups. One of the groups in this competition is Mobilink, which provides branchless banking. 

Jazz has acquired his expertise and turned into Mobilink Jazz. According to the time, it is just shaping towards the facility of Jazz cash which is competing with Telenor’s most famous Easypaisa Pakistan brand. 

As per his brilliance and commendable experience and work, the famous Ertugrul ghazi character has joined them as an ambassador for peace worldwide. Jazz has been providing its services for about more than 28 years now.

In Pakistan, more than 1 crore people are enjoying its services. It has packages compiled hourly, daily, and monthly basis. It deals in hourly, 3-day, and monthly net and phone packages. 

Due to good and secure connection, people enjoy its packages. That’s why we are right to say that Jazz is not only one of the top leading telecommunication companies but also a brand for Pakistan. We can say Jazz is making Pakistan proud across the world not only for its services but also as a sign of significance and peace. Now we will discuss its call and internet packages.

Jazz hourly call packages

Mobilink provides hourly calls as well as internet bundle packages to its customers. This facility enables customers to connect with their relatives and siblings in a nearby city or abroad. This package ensures to close people’s hearts. These packages make distances short and save time, something like a global village service. And this is an attractive offer for those who are distanced from their houses and in need of jobs. And Jazz is making things happen for them. The following table shows Jazz hourly call packages, check them and choose them. 

Package Name Price Details Validity Subscription Code
Jazz ghanta Offer Call Rs. 3 +TAX 2 hours free Jazz/Warid Calls after the package  Offers end after 2 hours *555#
Jazz Student Bundle Rs. 3 +TAX 2 hours free Jazz/Warid Calls + free Facebook Full-day offer except 6 to 9 pm *3000#
12 Ghante Bundle Rs. 6 +TAX 250 Jazz/Warid Minutes 1 Day (12 am To 12 pm) *281#
Jazz Lambi Baat Offer Rs.3 After 3 minutes, call free Unlimited hours *326#

Jazz hourly call packages

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Jazz Overall Call Packages

Jazz is a company that pays full attention to its customer to satisfy them completely. For this reason, they have introduced various packages. Some of them are given below.

  1. Jazz hourly call packages 
  2. Jazz 2 hours call packages 
  3. Jazz daily call packages (one day call package jazz)
  4. Jazz weekly call packages 
  5. Jazz monthly call packages 
  6. Jazz postpaid packages 
  7. Jazz make your own bundle 
  8. Jazz sim lagao offer. 
  9. Jazz call packages 24 hours

These are the main packages in which Jazz deals. We have discussed hourly packages before now we are concentrating on other packages. What services do they provide, and how well does it work according to the customer?

2. Jazz 2 hours call packages

This package is also known as the Jazz friends bundle package. This bundle gives you an offer of free Facebook data and an unlimited number of sms on short notice of 2 hours.

3. Jazz daily call packages 

This facility enables those customers who want routine packages—Jazz to Jazz, A complete day package, 12-hour package. At the completion of the day, if you have a balance in your cell phone package with the same facility, replace it. But keep in mind that if you are out of balance, you have to ensure balance in your cell phone.

4. Jazz weekly call packages 

The weekly jazz call package offer is for people like business people, students, and parts of society. It brings other network minutes. We can use it as conference calls for main and important purposes. Today it is mainly used in courts and other segments of society. 

5. Jazz monthly call packages 

This package targets people who want to avoid making use of daily or weekly offers. This offer is best for those people. It offers monthly call packages other than SMS and internet package.

6. Jazz postpaid call packages

A vast number of society members use postpaid Sims for calls. Jazz introduced this Jazz postpaid call package to equip those customers with this offer.

7. Jazz makes your own bundle. 

Instead of other offers, Jazz gives its customers the package according to their understanding and wish. It varies up to 1,7 or a maximum of 30 days. But you come to know about the price after selecting the package you want to choose. Make your own bundle jazz code is *303#.

8. Jazz sim lagao offer. 

Jazz provides its customers with the facility of sim lagao offer. The sims are switched off for a maximum of 30 days, and the customer wants it back for use. Jazz gives its customers the benefit of free sms, free minutes, and free internet.

9. Jazz call packages 24 hours

Now, in 2023, you will get Jazz call packages 24 hours, which is amazing to subscribe to these days. So dial *558# and click on send so you can enjoy 

  • 5 minutes for All networks Calls
  • 500 minutes for Jazz To Jazz Calls
  • 500 SMS for all networks

And all these amazing offers for only Rs. 35.

Jazz Super 4G 

Now Jazz has a lot of offers for all those who need internet packages for online earning.  Affordable price packages and Jazz Super 4G both have brought a great change. See this video to learn more about Jazz Super 4G Digital.


I hope now you have enough knowledge about Jazz hourly call packages and other offers. So check according to your needs and choose one to entertain and enjoy talking and chatting with your friends and family. To remain updated about the other new packages, keep checking Allerttech

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