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Sugar Price Today In Pakistan 2023 – A Helpful Guide


Are you searching for sugar price today in Pakistan? Sugar prices have been increasing day by day for the last two years. Sugar is an essential element of our daily life, and the average consumption of sugar is 6.1 MMT for 2022 to 2023, which is a 3.3 percent increase from previous years. With increased demand and rapid fluctuation in prices is a matter of concern. Let’s discuss the latest sugar price today in Pakistan in detail.

Sugar Price Today In Pakistan

Why does a common person need to know about the sugar price today in Pakistan? I am the one that is affected by sugar prices in Pakistan because it is my essential commodity. That’s why I have to know about sugar prices in Pakistan. And this is the same reason that every person should know about the sugar price today in Pakistan. 


Sugar Prices In November 2022

For many previous years, sugar has become one of the biggest conflicts between the four stakeholders of the country, the sugarcane growers (farmers), Mill owners, the Provincial Government, and the Federal Government. To avoid this mess, the Government has decided this year to solve this issue by maintaining prices once and for all.

After calculating the sugar ex-mill price, the Federal Government decided to make it Rs80 per kg. After this decision, the provincial Government announced that the retail price of sugar would be Rs85 per kg from now on, while in other cities, it varies up-to to Rs100, Rs98/kg in central parts of Punjab. Rs100 in southern Punjab (Multan, Bahawalpur) and upper Punjab (Sialkot), and KPK (Peshawar).

Sugar Price In December 2022

After each and every minute’s changing scenario, commodities and prices have gone through dramatic ups and downs. Likewise, the sugar rates of the latest month, December, also fluctuate. According to the capital’s open market, the sugar price is also between 85 to 90 Rs. In different provinces, the present rates of sugar vary. 

  • In Punjab, it is between Rs 90-100. 
  • In Sindh, the price is between Rs 100-105. 
  • The rates of sugar in KPK are between Rs 105-110. 
  • In Balochistan, it increases to Rs 110-115. 

The approximate rate of a 50 kg bag is Rs 6000 to 6500. And the rate is directly connected to the sudden changes taking place, e.g., the global chain of demand and supply, local cost of production, and trade on a global level. That is why no one is ready to make a statement on the latest sugar prices. If these trends hold for some time, they will not increase dramatically in 2023. If it does not remain the same, it will hurt both the producer and consumer.

Average Price Of Sugar Today 2023

The average sugar price fluctuates in different cities of Pakistan, but the average price of sugar throughout the country is Rs98/kg. It ranges from Rs 90 to Rs 102/kg.  

Sindh 100 to 105
Punjab 90 to 105
Balochistan 110 to 115
KPK 105 to 110

Sugar Price Mill Rate 2022- 2023

The sugar price mill rate is also increased as the purchase rate. The latest sugar mill rates are as follows:

1 kg Rs 31
40 kg Rs 220
100 kg Rs 7750

The beneficiaries of the system resist, and resistance is on a high level. To cope with this resistance, the Government of Pakistan should be powerful and courageous; thus, they will succeed in lowering the price of sugar in the end.

Purchase Rate Of Sugar 2022-2023

The average sugar purchase rate in different Pakistani cities fluctuates between Rs 90/ kg to Rs 115/per kg. Sometimes it rises, and sometimes it falls, and this inconsistency will create problems for both retailer and purchaser.


Pakistan is struggling with sugar production, which will create havoc; that is why the sugar prices have gone high, and everyone in the country suffers from such a situation. This article will aid you in knowing the latest sugar price today in Pakistan and be aware of their rise and fall in the country. To keep yourself updated about further news related to sugar prices, keep checking Allerttech

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