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SEO For Family Law – 7 Useful Tips To Rank On Google’s First Page

Seo For Family Law|Seo For Family Law|

Is your family law attorney website not working well in Google search results? Suppose you want to know about the key points of SEO for family law firm’s website to improve your ranking and boost your audience. In that case, this post is really helpful, so keep reading because we have some interesting and meaningful points to discuss to improve your Google search engine presence. 

What Is SEO For Family Law?

SEO for family law is a marketing technique that is helpful to engage more traffic and potential clients for a family law firm’s website. Its primary purpose is to increase organic traffic that secures its place in the top three positions of SERP so that people whose queries are about searching for family law advice will get your name easily. 

SEO is one of the critical factors after creating a website in increasing organic traffic and the best and easy way to grow your business. Therefore, it is necessary to do proper SEO and make a good strategy on your family law firm’s website to rank your web page higher in people’s search results.

A family law attorney is a lawyer that helps to protect the rights of people who have family issues like marital disagreement, separation of assets, divorce, child custody, and abuse. Lead generation is your primary focus if you want to grow your practice, and SEO plays a vital role in it, so here we discuss some SEO tips and tricks to increase your firm’s website traffic.

Seo For Family Law

Why Does SEO For Family Law Matter?

The SEO of a family law attorney matters the same as the SEO of any other website to rank higher in google search results. Some of the points that show how SEO of family law helps you to increase your practice are discussed here:

Prominence In The Search Result

Today’s world is a world of digital marketing, and your business prominence in google is more valuable than any other billboard, tv ad, or radio spot. Investment in SEO helps your business to be prominent on google. If you want that people search for your niche, get your website at the top of the SERP in google, and you will never have to struggle a lot to find new clients, then turn off any other advertisement technique and go for SEO for thriving business.

Better Potential Leads 

SEO matters because you can get better search-driven potential leads. The leads generated by google are more authentic and valuable than traditional advertising. Advertisements on billboards or facebook target a lot of people, but there are only a few who want your services. While targeting on google, specifies your search to potential users who specifically want to buy your services, like how do I get custody of my child after divorce when my husband is abusive. Due to specific keywords, the traffic increases and generates leads that turn into clients most of the time.


When your website content gets proper visibility on google by getting a higher rank in the search result, suppose your content is served on google at the top, and you are visible to most people when they search for related queries on family law. In that case, you get more exposure and visibility that proves your authority, and you become a more trusted attorney or law firm for them.

Best Seo Tips For Family Law

Many elements are involved in the SEO strategy for the family law firm’s website. SEO is an investment like other investments in business, but it takes time to see results. However, the results are exceptional and with great potential targeted customers. In order to get these results, there are some tips to follow, and these are as follows:

Keyword Research Of Your Law Firm Website

Targeted niche family law keywords are vital in boosting ranking and scaling SEO for family law. Keywords like “divorce lawyer,” “child custody,” and “child support lawyer.” Sometimes family law attorney keywords don’t provide a positive return for your SEO strategy. Instead, you have to focus on more deep, niche-specific keywords that have high search volume and low competition keywords, like “military divorce attorney,” “grandparents visitation rights,” and “how long does a contested divorce take” to get the top position in google SERP result.

Optimize Google Business Profile

Suppose you don’t have a fully optimized google business profile for your family law firm. In that case, it is the best time to make it fast because a well-optimized and strong google business profile has an excellent effect on your practice. It is a very easy-to-use, helpful, and free tool to use that helps to manage and enhance your online business on google, including search and Google Maps.

Google’s business profile provides potential clients and information about your practice work and reviews of your previous clients about your law firm. If you have many positive reviews on Google, its algorithm uses these reviews to rank your local business higher on maps.

Local SEO

Local SEO will be a good strategy if you want to target clients from a specific region or area. A law firm website with information about its practice area and a specific page that tells about the location of the firm help a lot to find clients from a specific area. Moreover, you will also use specific keywords that contain your location, like “best custody lawyer near Los Angles.” or “best divorce lawyer near me.”

When someone searches for the best lawyer for divorce near me, they can easily find your law firm at the top of the page with its location and all the necessary details. Local SEO helps Google match your location with the client that searches for Los Angles or near me lawyers, and Google detects the client’s location and suggests your law firm to them to make a better decision.

Internal Linking 

Internal linking is linking a website page to other pages so that users get familiar with all your content, and the Google algorithm finds all your pages easily. It will significantly boost the website traffic and better the ranking of your family law firm’s website in search engines. Google uses these internal links to help visitors to find your new and existing content easily. Websites with proper internal linking are google friendly websites, and Google prefers these websites to rank higher in SERP.

Importance Of Technical Seo

Technical SEO is of equal importance to local SEO because it is responsible for the crawling, indexation, and rendering of your website content by Google. How your website data is structured and organized will help boost your ranking at the top position of the search engines, but you have to keep in mind some points in the technical SEO of your family law firm. 

  • Remember, the loading speed of your website is very fast because the audience does not like a website that loads slowly, and they move forward by leaving your website. According to SEO, the perfect loading time of a good website is 1.3 seconds.
  • Responsiveness is one of the most critical factors in the SEO of a law firm’s website. How much is the website optimized for different versions of mobile? It will rank higher in SERP and get more organic users from Google because today, most of the audience comes from mobile services. It is estimated that 63% of American visitors come from mobile devices, and responsive and easy-to-navigate websites get more visitors from smartphones.
  • A structured data vocabulary helps Google understand better about a website and recognize relationships between entities. They can serve rich snippets named schema markup so the user can better understand your family law firm’s information website.

Video SEO

Video SEO also plays a vital role in enhancing your ranking and boosting your audience in an incredible manner. Your website online activity increased by video consumption, and 9 out of 10 visitors want video content. You can make educational videos that provide value to the user to increase engagement on the SEO family law website.

Give some tips regarding major divorce clashes and case studies about custody of children after divorce. Use an excellent, engaging thumbnail to seek the attention of visitors. Insert video transcript to let users learn from your videos properly. All these points will help to boost your traffic and enhance your SEO strategy to rank higher.


Measurement of the traffic that comes to your family law firm’s website is fundamental because it helps to evaluate your performance in search engine results. Integrate google Analytics and google search console to evaluate the website performance on a daily basis and monthly. Compare traffic of one month to another so that you can find your faults and fix them to keep your position better in search results or to maintain the top position of Google in your niche or at specific keywords.

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All the points regarding SEO for family law firm’s website are clear to you through this blog. I hope this article will help you improve your position in SERP and increase potential targeted clients for your family law attorney.

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