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Why Do You Need A YouTube To Mp4 Converter – How To Use It Easily And Properly


Are you looking for a good recommendation of a youtube to mp4 converter, or do you have different questions in mind that bother you, like why do you need a youtube to mp4 converter or how to use it? Then just read this post. This post will solve all your problems regarding this query in detail, and after reading this, I hope there will be no question remaining in your mind about the youtube to mp4 converter.

What is Youtube To Mp4 Converter

Youtube to mp4 converter is a tool that converts youtube videos to mp4 and downloads them on your pc, personal mobile, or any other device. There are many youtube to mp4 converters, including web-based online converters, some software, and a browser extension that can do this work for you. It is a handy tool to save youtube videos for further use without an internet connection.

Why Do You Need A Youtube To Mp4 Converter?

There are many benefits of youtube to mp4 converter, and these are as follows:

  • Its first need is when you are using youtube to see an important video, but it buffers and pauses the video, irritates you, and distracts your focus. This tool is a savior because when you use a downloaded video, you can view it without lag or distraction.
  • You can watch videos offline, and a youtube to mp4 converter is the best choice as it supports all kinds of formats and is compatible with every media player and device.
  • Travelers will love this tool because they can enjoy youtube videos where they don’t have any network connection. Most people want to watch movies and other entertainment videos offline.
  • It is much needed because it gives you easy access to watch it repeatedly.
  • It also flushes away the irritation the constant ads causes while watching a series or documentary because, in the downloaded version, you will not bother by ads. 
  • Moreover, it also provides you the facility to go back a few minutes or move forward to see something important in the video without any pause; everything goes smoothly. 

Where Do I Get Youtube To Mp4 Converters & Downloaders

There are many sources to get these tools. You can use the most prominent youtube to mp4 online converters and downloaders, such as y2mate, yt5s, and Wave.Video. Much software does this work for you, like Freemake video converter, 4k video download, any video converter, clip grab, and much more. 

Download these software and convert thousands of youtube videos daily. Browser extensions are also a source to download and convert youtube videos to mp4. The best and fastest way to download videos is software because they download videos fastly and securely without any interruption, and you can download them in any video quality without any viruses or threats.

What Are My Favorite 3 Best Youtube To Mp4 Converters Online

The three best and my favorite youtube to mp converters are as follows:


It is a high-speed online youtube to mp4 converter and downloader. You can convert youtube videos to mp4 from 280p to 1080p. It is compatible with all browsers and converts videos in any resolution, and it is free to use with unlimited downloads.


It is a web-based youtube to mp converter that converts videos in high quality with the best output, and it also converts youtube videos into mp3. For example, a video song into audio songs per your needs.


It is one of the safest and most secure online youtube to mp converters and downloads that converts videos with any resolution. It also provides direct mp4 video-sharing options and converts videos by URLs.

What Are My Favorite 3 Best Youtube To Mp4 Converter Softwares 

The three best software that are at the top of my list are as follows:

Freemake video converter

It is the best software that is a fast and reliable way to convert youtube videos to mp4 and also a youtube playlist to mp in high resolution. Freemake video converter can convert videos with any file size and join and combine multiple videos into one.

4k video downloader

It is the best and free youtube to mp4 converter that has the capacity to convert an entire youtube channel according to your preferred video quality. 4k video downloader also allows simultaneous downloads and also helps to extract audio from video.

Check this video to learn how to download youtube videos through 4k video downloader.

Any video converter

It helps to convert videos from youtube to mp4 with the original video quality. You can tweak videos and audio parameters. There are many video editing options available in this software. It is a super efficient youtube to mp4 converter that gives 100% lossless video quality output.

How To Use A Youtube To Mp4 Converter

There are different ways to use a youtube to mp4 converter and downloader, and these are mentioned below:

Web-based Youtube to mp4 converter and downloader 

One method is to search for an online youtube to mp4 converter and downloader and then put the link or URL of the youtube video you want to convert and download in the search box. Press the convert button and wait for the process to end. After that, just press down the download button. Complete the process and get your desired video in your download folder. 

Youtube to mp4 converter and downloader software

It is one of the fastest and easy ways to download and convert youtube videos. Download any of the software recommended above and install it on your pc. Once the installation is complete, open the software, put the link or URL of the youtube video, select the format and resolution, and press convert. Once the conversion is completed, press download to start downloading. After completion, enjoy your favorite videos in your desired resolution offline on your personal computer. 

Browser extension

This process is not recommended because all the extensions are incompatible with browsers and need to be fixed. But if you want to use this method, then install any of the top-rated extensions of youtube to mp4 converter n your browser and use it to download youtube videos to see them offline.


I hope you get the point about why you need a youtube to mp4 converter and how to use it. Every aspect of this topic is discussed in detail with the best recommendation of free web-based tools and software to convert videos to mp4 to enjoy them offline. If you want to learn more tech tools, keep checking AllertTech

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