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Boost Your Event: Layher Structures From Production Hire

You’ve been planning for months, finalizing every last detail to make sure your big event is a smash hit. But have you thought about how you’re going to give all your attendees the best view in the house? When you’re organizing an event, you want to make sure everyone can see and experience all the action, no matter where they’re sitting or standing. That’s where Production Hire comes in. The last thing you need is frustrated guests who feel like they missed out. With Production Hire services, you can ensure that the audiovisual setup and equipment are top-notch, guaranteeing that every guest enjoys a seamless and immersive experience

Layher Structures Offer Safety and Accessibility

Layher structures provide a sturdy yet modular platform for any event. Their aluminum components easily connect together to form stages, seating areas, VIP sections, and more.

Safety First

With Layher structures, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your event setup meets the highest safety standards. Their aluminum components are extremely durable yet lightweight, designed to withstand weather and high foot traffic. You’ll avoid trip hazards and uneven flooring thanks to their secure locking mechanisms and sturdy construction.

Perfect Viewing

No matter if you’re organizing a concert, conference, or festival, Layher structures offer ideal viewing for all attendees. Their modular design means you can configure platforms, seating areas, and stages in any layout to suit your specific needs. Raise platforms to different heights so people in the back can see, or extend stages and walkways further into the audience.

Increased Capacity

By elevating seating areas, walkways, and stages, Layher structures can boost your event’s capacity. Their sturdy platforms can hold more people over a given area compared to ground level options. Your attendees will appreciate how open and spacious the event feels with plenty of room for everyone.

Flexibility and Customization

The best part about Layher structures is their flexibility. With a wide range of components, you can customize your setup to achieve the perfect design for your occasion. Easily reconfigure platforms and seating as needed to adapt to different performances, speakers, or activities. Production Hire’s team has years of experience designing custom Layher structures to make your event a success.

With safety, viewing, capacity, and customization, Layher structures tick all the boxes for creating a memorable event experience. Let the experts at Production Hire help design a platform configuration tailored to your specific needs. Your attendees won’t believe the difference these structures can make.

Customizable Designs to Fit Your Event

When choosing a structure for your event, you want something that will enhance the experience for your attendees. Layher structures offer customizable designs to fit your unique event needs.

Flexible Frames

Layher structures utilize an aluminum frame system that can be configured into almost any shape or size imaginable. Whether you need a small stage, a large exhibition hall, or tiered seating, the possibilities are endless. The frames are also modular, so you can easily add sections to expand the structure as needed.

Adaptable Flooring

Once you’ve determined the frame design, select a flooring option to match. Choices include wooden planks, steel gratings, and aluminum platforms. For outdoor events, water-resistant and non-slip flooring materials are available. The flooring connects directly to the frame for a seamless finish.

Side Walls and Roofing

Complete your Layher structure with side walls, gables, and a roof. Side walls provide enclosure while still allowing light in. Gables give an attractive peaked roof design. And for weather protection, choose from options like tarpaulins, PVC fabrics, polycarbonate sheets or steel roofing.

With so many choices, a Layher structure can be built to meet your exact requirements. An experienced team will work with you through the design process to determine the ideal components and configuration for your event. The result will be a high-quality, customized structure that provides the perfect space for an unforgettable experience your attendees will talk about for years to come.

Enhanced Capacity for More Attendees

A Layher structure provides enhanced capacity for more attendees at your event. These modular platforms can be configured to suit events of almost any size.

Expandable and Customizable

Layher structures are highly adjustable. You can start with a basic set-up and easily add additional components to increase the capacity and size of your platform. This allows you to right-size the structure for your current needs, with the flexibility to expand in the future. The interconnectable parts mean you can customize the shape, height, and accessibility of your structure.

Maximize Viewing

The open design of Layher structures provides unobstructed sightlines so all of your attendees can have a perfect view of the event. The truss frames and brace bars offer stability without limiting visibility. For larger events, multiple platform levels can be built, so no one misses out on the action.

Safe and Secure

Safety is a top priority with Layher structures. These structures comply with international safety standards and building regulations. High quality, durable materials and a sturdy build mean your attendees can enjoy your event with confidence. Railings, stairs, and ramps can also be incorporated to ensure easy, risk-free access for all.

A Layher structure is a modular solution that delivers enhanced capacity, maximum viewing, and safety for your attendees. With its ability to expand and customize to your needs, this type of platform is ideal for creating an unforgettable event experience for audiences of any size. Let the experts at Production Hire design a Layher structure to boost your next event.

Perfect Viewing Angles for All

When planning your next event, having the perfect viewing experience for all your attendees should be a top priority. Layher structures provide an ideal platform for enhanced viewing angles so everyone can have an optimal experience.

Tiered seating

With tiered seating platforms in a Layher structure, each row is elevated above the one in front of it. Unlike flat flooring where the view can easily be obstructed, tiered seating offers an unimpeded line of sight for everyone. Multiple tiers also increase the overall capacity of your seating area. Tiered seating helps to boost the experience for your audience by providing the perfect vantage point regardless of where someone is seated.

Adaptable design

Layher structures are fully modular and adaptable. Their aluminum components can be assembled and reconfigured in many ways to suit your specific needs. If you want to create curved seating areas, multi-level platforms or any other unique design, Layher structures make it possible. Their adaptability allows you to get very creative in how you shape the viewing experience for your attendees.

Safety and stability

Layher structures are engineered to the highest safety standards. Their aluminum components are extremely durable yet lightweight. They lock together securely to provide a stable platform that can handle heavy loads. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your attendees will be safe on a structure designed with strength and stability in mind.


The modular nature of Layher structures also provides a high degree of flexibility. Their components can be quickly assembled and disassembled for easy setup, take down and storage. If you want to reconfigure the shape or size of your structure for different events, you have the flexibility to do so. Layher structures strike the perfect balance of being solid and stable when in use yet flexible enough to adapt to your changing needs.

For your next event, a Layher structure from Production Hire will boost the experience for all your attendees through enhanced viewing, increased capacity, safety and flexibility. Every seat becomes the perfect seat with a Layher structure.

Work with the Experts at Production Hire

Working with the experts at Production Hire for your Layher structure means a stress-free experience and a structure perfectly suited to your event’s needs.

Experience and Expertise

With over 25 years of experience erecting temporary structures, the team at Production Hire knows Layher structures inside and out. They can advise you on the best options for your particular event based on factors like expected attendance, available space, and budget. Their expertise means your structure will be securely built to comply with all safety standards.

Custom Design

Production Hire will custom design your Layher structure based on your event’s specific requirements. They can determine the ideal size, height, and configuration to maximize viewing for all attendees while working within the constraints of your location. Multiple levels, stairs, platforms, roofs, and walling are all options to suit your needs.

Quality Equipment

As official Layher resellers and installers, Production Hire uses only genuine Layher components in their structures. Layher is a leader in temporary structure equipment, used for major events worldwide like concerts, festivals, and motorsport. Their high-quality materials and robust, flexible designs mean your structure will be stable, secure, and built to last through your multi-day event.

Full Service

From initial concepts through to dismantling, Production Hire handles your Layher structure rental fully. Their services include:

  • Consultation and planning
  • Transporting equipment to your location
  • Complete set-up and installation
  • Safety inspections
  • Additional options like flooring, lighting or theming
  • Monitoring and maintenance for the duration of your event
  • Prompt dismantling and removal of equipment after your event ends

For a Layher structure that wows attendees and meets all your event needs, Production Hire are the experts to work with. They take the hassle out of planning and managing your temporary structure so you can focus on the rest of your event.


So if you’re ready to take your event to the next level, it’s time to give Production Hire a call. Their Layher structures are the perfect way to give your attendees an unforgettable experience. With options for any size crowd in any configuration you can imagine, Layher structures deliver viewing access and safety so everyone can be part of the action. Stop worrying about whether your event will come together and start focusing on making it amazing. A Layher structure from Production Hire is the boost your event needs to be a smashing success. Give them a shout today – your attendees will thank you for it!

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