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How To Install WhatsApp Blue Plus – 11 Unique And Useful Features


Are you worried about the installation of WhatsApp blue plus? Then there is no need to stress because I am here to discuss the whole procedure in detail for your ease. Read the process and enjoy this outstanding WhatsApp mode with some extra features. 

How To Install WhatsApp Blue Plus

Though the installation is easiest if you follow the steps, before going directly toward the answer, let’s discuss why you need WhatsApp blue plus. 

What Features Make WhatsApp Blue Plus A Good Mod

Whatsapp blue plus app provides you with some excellent and unique features compared to the old versions of WhatsApp. That’s why people often love to download and instal it. We will discuss some of the WhatsApp blue plus features here for convenience.

  • Easily download WhatsApp status.
  • Themes available in thousands.
  • Awesome icons 
  • Who calls you? feature as well 
  • Google Drive data protection 
  • Home screen personalization 
  • Some different features offered
  • Make your online activity hide 
  • Pri-vacy setting 
  • Blue tick disable 
  • One touch activates DND Mode 

By the use of these features, we impose full command on this app. These features ensure quality work and separate this WhatsApp blue app from the others. This app is maintaining its legacy all across the globe. 

Is WhatsApp Blue Plus Safe To Use 

Knowing the facts about rumoring in society. A question comes to mind whether WhatsApp blue is safe to use or not. If you want to use its unique features, you have to download it but stop before downloading. Keep in mind to download it from a safe and secure link. First, you visit the websites which give a malware-free link to download. Your system scanner or net scanner first scans this link from the site so you can fully use its features. Now it becomes easy to use for any kind of customer on any system. We can use it easily. 

How To Download WhatsApp Blue Plus 

  1. First, go to the site and look for the download apk file link.
  2. Download the link and wait for it to be completed.
  3. Go to your phone settings and enable the unknown source option.

This way, you can download WhatsApp blue plus app from the website. We will go on to the next option: how to install WhatsApp blue plus.

How To Install WhatsApp Blue Plus

You must follow a simple procedure to install WhatsApp blue plus on your phone. After downloading, look for the apk file in your folder directory. Open this apk file. You will find options to install it manually or customize option. If you want to make sudden changes according to your plans and mind, you will click immediately on this option, but if you’re going to install it manually, you will click on the manual procedure. Then you can get a command on this app by following these steps.

  1. Open the file in the directory folder 
  2. Now click on the apk file to be installed.
  3. Wait for that file to be installed on your phone device.
  4. After installing, the system asks you for two options. 
  5. Manual or customized. It’s up to you what option you select.
  6. After installing it, wait for the scanning option. 

Now enjoy WhatsApp blue plus app features and make your way to the brilliance. This app is completely free to use and easy to access. Its looks and features make it different from the original WhatsApp. Now it’s up to you how much you gain from this app. 


This blog about WhatsApp blue will help you a lot to solve how to install WhatsApp blue plus, and now you can enjoy all its features with ease and safety.

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