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Hands-on: AirPods Pro 2 review


You may assume that the new AirPods Pro two appears very comparable to the unique AirPods Pro – however, a lot is going on right here that skill these genuine wi-fi headphones are going to be a massive draw for so many people.

Whether it’s the new and hugely extended noise cancellation, the more audio system in the case so it’s a good deal more difficult to lose them, or the increased transparency mode to chat to your pals, there are many motives to improve from the preceding AirPods Pro (2019) here.

That said, though they share the equal legit rate as the preceding AirPods Pro, in exercise the older mannequin has dropped in fee a lot and will hold shedding whilst the closing inventory is bought off, so if you are shopping for nowadays you will want to pay greater for the fancier new aspects – so it’s going to be a preference whether or not you truly want them.
This is the actual equal reliable charge as the preceding model, without in the UK, the place it is a £10 increase. However, as cited above, the older mannequin is usually discounted these days at outlets different than Apple, so whilst each is available, the new model prices more, effectively.

In the contemporary climate, preserving the reputable charge the identical is an extra aggressive cross from Apple than it looks, due to the fact nearly all different new flagship earbuds have elevated their price. They’re high-priced, no question, however a lot of different huge gamers are coming in higher.


The layout adjustments to the AirPods Pro two are extraordinarily subtle, given how a great deal of enhancement there’s been in the standard overall performance of these headphones.

Rumors in the buildup recommended that these proper wi-fi earbuds would possibly absolutely ditch the stems and go for a straight ‘lozenge’ fashion in the ear, but the stalks stay and are very plenty section of the operation of Apple’s ultra-modern headphones.
On the headphones themselves, aside from the mild alteration to the microphones and different small black covers, the AirPods Pro two seem the same as their predecessors. If you are going to purchase these to exhibit that you have received the brand new Apple gear, you may be alternatively deflated via the result.

However, whilst the case has the identical footprint as its predecessors, there is a range of key modifications there too.

Image of the AirPods Pro two in motion all through launch
Firstly, at the base of the AirPods Pro two cases are 4 small dots: one to the proper and three to the left of the Lightning charging port (which will simply be one of the final instances Apple will use this connector).

These are an acoustic vent and a speaker, so if you lose your AirPods Pro 2, you can prompt a ‘Find My’ request from your cellphone to locate them. It’s surprisingly loud in testing and given we have misplaced a case like this in the previous for almost a week thanks to no longer being in a position to hear it in the house, this is a beneficial move.

The storage case, which is additionally now IPX4 water resistant (meaning it can face up to mild showers and sweating) additionally has a small lanyard clip on the side, so you can feed thru a holder and dangle the AirPods Pro two of a bag or strap.


Apple has made some massive strides with the sound nice on the AirPods Pro 2, including new drivers, amplifiers, and massively-upgraded energetic noise canceling – and the impact is fairly startling.

Having used the AirPods Pro for a range of years, it is clear that the audio great is a great deal richer than before, with bass precise so a great deal greater vibrant.

The relaxation of the soundscape feels vast and expansive, however ‘rich’ is the satisfactory adjective we can use when listening to these new AirPods Pro two While it is unhappy that they do not guide lossless audio, despite a couple of rumors about the opposite in the build-up, the common sound great when observing a video or listening to Apple Music in our checking out used to be a stark distinction from the preceding mannequin (which is nevertheless notably good).
The different stunning issue used to be the aforementioned noise canceling. While it stays very proper on the authentic AirPods Pro, it is been overtaken via different competitors in the three years when you consider that launch – however thanks to the H2 chip on board, now you can barely hear matters you do not choose to when ANC is becoming on.

The impact is truly startling – if you are listening to a song whilst any individual is speaking to you, commonly you’ll hear some section of the conversation, however now, they’re virtually inaudible. When checking out with simulated aircraft sounds, they had been not possible to hear.

It makes the song so a whole lot extra immersive, and Apple’s claims that it is managed to make the noise canceling twice as high quality as earlier are believable.


The last enhancement to the AirPods Pro comes with the battery life: thanks basically to the greater environment-friendly H2 chip (compared to the authentic H1 in the older AirPods) the Pro two earbuds can ultimate six hours off a single cost when the usage of ANC, and seven hours without.

The case can cost the AirPods Pro two or five times, so you have received 30 hours’ use in ANC mode – which is a huge leap over the 24 hours used previously.

And you are capable to cost the case in a new way too: the usage of an Apple Watch charger. This is something that makes so a great deal of sense, mainly given Apple is so intent on getting humans to suppose of the AirPods as a key section of proudly owning a Watch, as you can without problems hear to and manipulate track from the display screen on your wrist.


The AirPods Pro two don’t seem to be cheap, lots like their predecessors, however, what’s on provide is an actual step forward. The ease with which they may join to all your Apple gadgets would be ample for most human beings to purchase them, but the reality you’re getting much-enhanced audio, higher noise canceling, extent manipulation and extra make them a convenient buy… if you can come up with the money for them.

The new AirPods Pro two are truly in ‘big present’ territory if you are questioning shopping for them for a cherished one, or a lengthy save-up for a right improve on your modern proper wi-fi earbuds – these are no longer low cost at all at $249 / £249 / AU$399.

However – and we in reality want to do some greater in-depth trying out to corroborate our time with them at the Apple launch tournament – what’s on provide looks to be a helpful investment, thanks to the superior characteristic set and audio quality. These seem to be like a challenger to our listing of the great noise-canceling earbuds.

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