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How To Download Whatsapp Blue

How To Download Whatsapp Blue

Are you astonished to read about the exciting features of WhatsApp blue and have an urgency to download it for future use? What should you do if you want to get these outstanding features that are not available in the original WhatsApp? You have to download WhatsApp blue first. If you want to download it but don’t know how to download it and from where you get this app, this post will definitely help you. 

How To Download Whatsapp Blue

Though the process is straightforward to download and easy to install, I am adding it to my blog to help all beginners. So, check it. 

Process Of Download

There are two versions of WhatsApp blue the old one and the new one in 2022. Here we are to find how to download both versions.  

Whatsapp Blue Old Version Download

Some people want to download an older version of WhatsApp blue, and they search for the 2019 and 2020 versions. Still, we are here to inform you that they sometimes need to be fixed, and that is why Whatsapp blue 2022 is launched with a unique and outstanding feature, so there is no need to download the old version. Use the latest version to get benefits from the app.

Whatsapp Blue Latest Version Download

First, downloads an APK file of Whatsapp blue from a trusted source that is free from malware. If you have an APK file already installed in android, then the standard method of downloading is used, but if you are not much aware of APK files, then we are here to discuss WhatsApp blue APK files and make it start to follow the instruction step-by-step for complete installation. By using this process, you can easily install blue Whatsapp without any hassle, and any type of assistance is not required. The steps are as follows :

  • The first step is to go to android settings and find the security setting. 
  • In security settings, go to device administrative, find unknown sources, and enable this option.
  • Click on the trusted link to download WhatsApp blue APK files.
  • Save this file in the download folder of your android device.
  • Find the APK files and click on them.
  • Click on install and wait till the process of installation is finished. 
  • Once the installation is completed, open the app and enjoy its splendid features.

Whatsapp blue is the latest and definitive modified version of the original WhatsApp and comes with the most impressive features, including extra privacy protection and downloading media files from the status; free and safe to use. Many other versions of WhatsApp are launched, but WhatsApp blue is one of a kind as it is the most helpful app other than the original WhatsApp.


Whatsapp blue download is a very easy process but just keep in mind to use a reliable source to get download links to be safe from malware and use antivirus protection for proper security of your phone.

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