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How Many Jobs Are Available In Major Chemicals

How Many Jobs Are Available In Major Chemicals

The major chemical industry is growing very fastly. This rapid growth comes with plenty of job opportunities for professionals with the right skills, qualifications, and experiences. Earning a degree in chemistry provides career opportunities in many fields of major chemicals, such as science, research, business, and much more. A person can be a chemist, nuclear chemist technician, chemical engineer, etc. Learning about different opportunities in major chemistry will help you to decide on a better path for your career in the future. In this article, we will discuss how many jobs are available in major chemicals in detail.

What are Major Chemical Companies?

The specific companies that are related to making chemicals are major chemical companies. They are converting raw materials such as air, water, metals, minerals, oil, and natural gas to more than 70,000 different products. These industries are of four types, including primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary, and all have different job opportunities. 

The primary is related to the extraction and processing of raw materials and converting them into final products. Secondary industries are related to pertaining and manufacturing. The third type is providing services to consumers, and the fourth is researching new products. After knowing chemical industry types, it is important to know how many jobs are available in major chemicals so that we make more precise decisions.

Is Major Chemical A Good Career?

Yes, a major chemical career is one of the best sorted and highly paid careers after scientists. Chemistry degree holders get the most of the advantages in different chemical industries, and therefore, many students choose chemistry over other prominent subjects to improve their careers and future.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Major Chemicals?

There are millions of Jobs available in the major chemical industry, but here we discuss some prominent ones, and these are as follows:


Toxicologists in major chemicals are responsible for testing various tissues and blood samples to detect the presence of poison, alcohol, and other substances in the body. These are specifically appointed in Forensic labs and help to answer the question in many criminal cases. Their basic salary is about $20.76 per hour.

Chemical Technician

Chemical technicians are responsible for researchers in labs and properly and efficiently working on various studies. They are appointed to monitor equipment and help in specific research tasks. The major salary is about $17.29 per hour for a Chemical technician. 

Chemistry Teacher

Chemistry teachers transfer their chemistry knowledge to their students through different ways, including lectures, tests, projects, and much more. They provide all knowledge related to chemistry and science. Their average pay is $26.18 per hour.

Analytical Chemist

The primary duties of an analytical chemist are to study substances for toxicology examinations, answer forensic questions, develop pharmaceuticals, and much more. These are appointed in specific labs and organizations; their average yearly salary is $59,309.

Water chemist

These jobs are for studying and monitoring the presence of chemicals in water. They are appointed to ensure water purification processes are safe, for collecting different water samples, analyzing water from various ecosystems, and making projections to determine various regulations, rules, and policies. Their average salary is $29.08 per hour.

Synthetic chemist

Synthetic chemists are those who test and develop chemical compounds to create new materials for specific use. They are appointed in labs and can develop materials for industries including manufacturing, food, and beverages. The average national salary is $66,949 per year. 

Organic chemist

Organic chemist research and collect study material that contains carbon. They perform various tasks to identify or find applications for the material. The basic salary is about $66,949 per year.

Quality control chemist

The primary duties of a quality control chemist are to monitor and test the material during the production process to check on standards. A QC chemist works in pharmaceutical companies and manufacturing fields. They also make new products and are available for testing methods. The average salary is $66,000 per year.

Forensic scientist

Forensic scientists‘ primary duties are to collect and analyze evidence from a crime scene. They work on dirt samples, fingerprints, blood samples, and much more. These persons are appointed as experts to report on and present their findings in legal cases. Their average salary is $68,263 per year.

Hazardous waste chemist

These are responsible for monitoring and managing chemical pollutants in water and air. The hazardous chemist plans for better and extra efficient ways for organizations to manage and deal with hazardous waste. Their basic salary is $69,201 per year.


Geochemists are those people who study the appearance, effects, and movements of chemical compounds on Earth. It is a very demanding job with a very high salary of about $82,168 per year. Their job also includes the distribution and movements of compounds through the water system and the chemical makeup of minerals.


Another highest-paying major chemical job is Oceanographer, whose basic salary is $83,705 per year. Oceanographers are responsible for researching marine systems and performing studies on geology, ocean life, water compounds, circulation, and much more.

Materials scientist

Their primary duties are to study and analyze both natural and manmade items, and they are known as material scientists. Their basic salary is $86,315, the highest-paying job in major chemistry. They also develop new material, alter it, and make decisions about using it differently.


Pharmacologist’s basic salary is $94,193, and it is also the highest-paying job in chemistry. Their major duties are to conduct studies on new and existing drugs and their effects on humans. They are also responsible for drug safety and the chemical makeup of drugs.

Chemical engineer

The average salary is $92,978 per year, and chemical engineers are responsible for research, including mathematics and biology, for creating and developing production processes related to chemicals. 


I hope you will get your answer about how many jobs are available in major chemicals. There are millions of job opportunities in the chemistry field, and we have discussed all the prominent jobs in detail. 

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