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Comparison between iFunTV and 14TV: Guess Ultimate Winner

Comparison between iFunTV and 14TV

Comparison between iFunTV and 14TV. The world is changing continuously in the same way the streaming services also come in this evolution. In the streaming services, two highlighted rivals iFunTv and 14TV are popular. So to know about these two platforms and to check which is best, either iFunTv or 14TV, have a look at this article. We differentiate both platforms. We discuss characteristics, budget, easy-to-use, valuable content and many more. In the end, you are also able to put forward your choice easily. 

iFunTV and 14TV Features Comparison

Content Variety 

iFunTv is a platform that provides a variety of content including movies, and complete serials, and serves different types of predilection. While on the other hand, the 14TV platform also provides a diverse type of content, but because of its limited content, it creates a problem for users who want a wide range of content. 

User interface 

iFunTv is very easy to use and provides instinctive seamanship, making it easy to search and enjoyable content for its user. Comparatively, 14TV doesn’t have expertise like iFunTv, and that makes it difficult to use for its users, which causes less preference as compared to iFunTv. 

Original content 

iFunTv is the platform where authentic and up-to-date collections of movies and content are available, which increases its preference among its users. 14TV doesn’t give unique and original content to its users due to its limited offerings. 

Streaming quality 

iFunTv platform gives vivid and versatile quality to its customers and ensures viewing on any internet speed. While the quality of streaming of 14TV is admissible, the mitigating issue causes disturbance. 

Device compatibility 

iFunTv allows its users to access the website or app from any device, including smartphones,

tablets, smart TVs, and desktop browsers. On the contrary, 14TV platform has not much accessibility and is limited to some certain devices only. 


iFunTv provides many offers, such as subscription plans and better than their competitive offers. Their subscription plans allow users to get the plan according to their expenses. On the contrary, 14TV pricing plans are higher with so many limited features. 

User reviews 

iFunTv platform received much positive feedback due to its user interface, subscription plans, and many other features. Mainly users enjoy their content. 

14TV has a mixture of reviews from its customers due to its limited content Library range and facing difficulty while using it. 

Customer support 

iFunTv gives a very receptive response to their customers through different channels by giving answers to their inquiries and solving difficulties on time. 14TV response system is tolerable but not as good as iFunTv. 

Now after discussing their difference in detail, I hope you are able to figure out which should be preferred from your side. 

Why iFunTV Takes the Crown:

There are many reasons before suggesting this, which are given below

  • Content Diversity: iFunTv provides its user with a variety of content according to their taste and the type of content they want, making it superior to 14TV. 
  • User experience: iFunTv has good user interference and provides an easy roadmap to its users as compared to 14TV. 
  • Original content: The uniqueness of iFunTv content is incomparable because it provides unlimited data latest information, which 14TV is trying to manage. 
  • Streaming quality: iFunTv is enjoyable for its user because it has no disturbance while using it, and the main thing is on any device, but 14TV does not have such the best features accurately. 
  • Accessibility: Some platforms, such as 14TV, have not accessible to many devices, but iFunTv can have accessibility to many devices with the same quality. 
  • Pricing: iFunTv pricing plans with flavorsome features are affordable rather than 14TV. 
  • Positive user reception: iFunTv gets positive reviews from its users, and it fulfils its user needs and expectations, but 14TV is in the process of attaining this feature. 
  • Customer support: The response that iFunTv shows to this user solving their problems and giving queries makes iFunTv preferable to 14TV. 


In the end, as it is clear from the above details, iFunTv is preferable to 14TV due to its content quality, user- interface, pricing, unlimited features, accessibility, authentic and latest information and many more. iFunTv circumscribes entertainment platforms. So to select the best streaming platform between iFunTv and 14TV, without any doubt, iFunTv is the first preferable platform. 

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