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Did You Receive A Call From 6362421935? Is It A Scam Number?

Did You Receive A Call From 6362421935? Is It A Scam Number?|

Scammers are spread all over digital media and scam you with different techniques. Calling you from unknown numbers is one of these scams kind that is spread like jungle fire. If you are a victim of these calls, it is time to check the number from which you get a valid call or a scam. Here we discuss who called you from this number 6362421935 and how to be safe from these unknown suspicious numbers in detail. 

Why I Got A Call From 6362421935

I get a call from 6362421935, and I want to know who is behind this call. Reports tell us it is a rental car scam, and the caller claims to be an enterprise employee when a call is received. They offer rental car services and said you had rented a car from their company. 

Enterprise is a legal car rental company, but the company team said this call was not from their company. Therefore, it is suspected to be an annoying fake rental car survey.

According to users’ reports and reviews, this is a scam call with no reason behind it except fraud and wasting your time.

Is 6362421935 a scam call or a valid number

6362421935 has a negative rating. Thirty users call it a scam, and only seven call it positive. 4 give it an unbiased review. The traced location is Marthasville, WARREN, Missouri, with zip code 63357. It is registered as a nuisance call six times and an unsolicited call 12 times.

Counties in Missouri within this area code are Franklin County, Saint Louis County, Montgomery County, Lincoln County, Saint Francois County, and Warren County, Jefferson County, Saint Charles County. Significant places and cities include:

  1. Arnold
  2. Ballwin
  3. Chesterfield
  4. Manchester
  5. O’Fallon
  6. St.Charles
  7. St. peters
  8. Wildwood

Who Is Calling Me From 724-251-6055

The location of this number is in and around Pittsburgh, PA. It is registered with Verizon business, and about 29 searches are conducted on this number. The latest research on this number says that 20% of it is a scam call because two users called it a scam.

Pennsylvania’s countries under this area code are Washington County, Allegheny County, Butler County, Beaver County, Crawford County, Armstrong County, Fayette County, Indiana County, Greene County, Lawrence County, Mercer Venango Clarion County, and Westmoreland County.

Major cities and places included in this area code are the suburbs surrounding Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania and some larger cities of Plum, Mccandless Township, New Castle, and Upper St. Clair.

Whose Numbers are These, 302-222-6520 & 302-415-3141?

Do you want to know about 302-222-6520? This number is registered in the name of Robin Walls, a resident of Milford, DE, and 34 years old. Still, it is suspected to be a spam number.

More information is needed on this number, but people consider it a scam. 302-222 code is dedicated to Camden, Delaware; the second number, 302-415, is from New Castle, Wilmington, DE. Even the area code 302 is for the whole state of Delaware. 

Why I Got A Call From 612-315-6280

People who get calls from this number suspect 612-315-6280 as a scam, as no one speaks when they receive a call. One person said he received a “free cruise to the Bahamas” recorded message, and according to another source, they said, “This important….” and hung up the call. From the above reviews, it is clear that it is a scam number with nothing important to receive the call. 

The major counties of Minnesota within this area code are Hennepin County. The place and cities are Minneapolis, Golden Valley, Richfield, and St. Louis Park. 

Why Does Someone Call Me From 727-697-9899

Some sources say it might be considered a scam instead of the least available information. If you receive calls or messages from 727-697-9899, don’t panic, avoid that call and never share personal information with the number. 

Do you want to know the area code details of 727? The counties of Florida that come under this area code are Pasco County and Pinellas County. The major areas are Dunedin, Holiday, Pinellas Park, Tarpon Springs, Lealman, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Bayonet Point, Port Richey, Largo, and St. Petersburg.

Are These Numbers Have One Owner, 713-366-4110 & 713-597-6909 

713-366-4110 and 713-597-6909 may be scams, according to vmdh.gov. But both numbers did not have one owner; therefore, if you get messages or calls from this number, there is a 50 percent chance of fraud. The calls from 713-366 or 713-597 have locations in Houston, Texas. 

Counties of Texas that come under this area code include Fort Bend County and Harris County. Highlighted cities and places in Texas include

  1. Alvin
  2. Atascocita
  3. Baytown
  4. Channelview
  5. La Porte
  6. Missouri City
  7. Pearland
  8. Spring
  9. The Woodland
  10. Cloverleaf
  11. Deer Park
  12. Friendswood
  13. Houston 
  14. League City
  15. Pasadena
  16. Rosenberg
  17. Sugar land

Can I receive a call from 4128807070 & 412-275-1081?

Are you the person who gets calls from 4128807070 and 412-275-108? Then it is time to check who called you from this number. Reports say there is a 50% chance of scams, but it would be valid. 

If the call starts from 412-880, it is from Pttsbgzon, Pennsylvania, USA, and numbers starting from 412-275 are from Ptgzbnzn14, Pennsylvania, USA. The counties of Pennsylvania that come under area codes are Allegheny County and Westmoreland County. Prominent cities and places in Pennsylvania with this code include

  1. Bethel park
  2. Township
  3. Mount Lebanon
  4. Penn Hills
  5. Plum
  6. Ross Township
  7. West Mifflin
  8. Mccandless Township
  9. Mckeesport
  10. Municipality Of Monroeville
  11. Pittsburgh
  12. Shaler Township
  13. Upper St. Clair

What would be my next step when I receive a scam call?

If you accidentally receive a call from an unknown number, there are some precautionary measures to follow to be safe and secure. These precautionary measures are as follows:

  1. First, try only to call back if you know the number. Block the number if there is no response from another side.
  2. Be aware of the request from the caller for money details. Never send the caller money, credit card, pin, or personal document details. 
  3. Send the number to your close friends and family member and keep them alert to save them from scams.
  4. Report the scam to the authorities about the scam. 
  5. Accidentally if you send the details of your bank account to an unknown number, immediately call the bank or police to stop the transaction and take action against the scammers. The bank closes your account if scammers have your account details.

Scam calls are so frustrating, and even people don’t know how to recognize scam calls from regular ones and don’t know what to do in that situation. Let’s watch this video to learn about it. 


I hope the information collected in this blog is a savior if you are a victim of a scam call and avoid being a victim again. Detailed information about this number 6362421935 is shared along with some other suspicious numbers to save yourself from fraud or scams.

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